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Fun, but Not Allowed!

How embarrassing! Our typist, (that would be our Mom Moxie), got us behind on our blog reporting. We’d like to show some pictures from November and explain why we love leaves, but they don’t like us!

First, we have a lot of trees in our backyard. That means that typist Mom has to get out the leaf blower and clear them out every year.

Once she has a big enough pile, we play in it. See how much fun Tallulah and I are having.

This is a pretty deep pile, so you can see that I’m wading over to get a closer look at Tallulah about to do a roll.

Although I think she’s sometimes jealous that Mom also pays attention to me, too, Tallulah actually loves me.

OK, so what is the problem with us having so much fun in the leaves? There was apparently too much pollen, or something, in the leaves that was bothering our eyes. Both of us had to be taken to the vet to get eye drops. We had conjunctivitis. Tallulah quickly recovered, but I had to see a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. To make a long story short…three different drops had to be put in my eyes, three times a day, for several weeks…and then finally my eyes weren’t red anymore.

What an outrage. Both Vets told our Mom that she had to blow away all the leaves; no more playing in the leaves for us!

“You cannot be serious?!” we pleaded with Mom. So, she kept busy getting rid of all the leaves, and until she could get to certain areas, (that we’re not supposed to be in anyway) she had her green wire fences. However, it seems we found a way to get in…we had fun…until Mom spotted us and had us get out. Bummer.

What fun thing did you enjoy doing that your person(s)/Vet made you stop doing?

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