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October 2011 Snowstorm!

We’ve been busy Berner girls. We’ll give you a short summary of a few crazy things that happened at the end of October and into the beginning of November.

There was this crazy snowstorm that knocked out our family’s electricity for four (4) count ’em, four days, on Saturday night, October 29. We live just outside the Boston, MA area, so it’s not like we’re in” Timbuktu.”  The reason given for the power outage–and we quote from the automated message that our electric company left: “Weather related.” Brilliant, isn’t that?   Did they think we would not have known that it was due to the weather? Just in case –what? We were forced to relocate to another planet due to the storm?

It seems that because there were so many leaves still on the trees–it was still fall when the snowstorm hit, it knocked down lot of trees–and the electrical wires, too. Plus, apparently mom  said a few 4 letter words in front of us when we saw this sight on our walk the following morning! Why, yes, that is our fence around our backyard!

So, how did we manage? Well, as you can see, we’re very furry dogs. We’re Bernese Mountain Dogs, after all! We love the cold weather. However, for the other members of our family that don’t have any fur, the house quickly got very cold. Plus, since the house is not hooked up to local utilities–that means when there is no power–there is no water that can be pumped from the well–and no flushing of toilets–which is a big problem for the 2 legged members of the family.

Generator was powered up–konked out, got working again, etc. We all hated the very loud noise of that thing going, but….it was nice to have fresh water for our water bowls.  🙂

What about Halloween?

We apparently were going to get our picture taken with the two-legged siblings. They had Halloween costumes, and we were going to wear these necklaces. But, their Halloween was cancelled! Too many down live wires.

Good news? At least they had fun with us on their surprise day off from school–too many down live wires and no electricity at the school!

Not enough snow for our taste, literally, and after two days, it was basically all melted.

We’re still catching up with our friends on FB and Twitter. You know, our mom has the oldest cell phone on the planet? She doesn’t even get text messages. You can imagine that with limited internet access for four days, things would get a bit backed up. We need to do more posts on our blog.

This may look pretty, but it’s actually a huge, beautiful branch that broke off during the storm!

Things we’re grateful for:

We were all together!

It was four days without electricity for us Berner girls, but we’re grateful because it could have been even longer!

More Than 1 Million Remain Without Power After U.S. Snowstorm

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) — More than 1 million people remain without power across the U.S. Northeast five days after an early snowstorm.

We waited outside in hopes of barking the arrival of the electric company. No luck on the day the picture below was taken, but…grateful that mum captured this beautiful shot of us that she used for the header of our blog!

Thank you to all the fur friends who Tweeted, left us Facebook messages, sent emails, etc. to check on us. We really appreciated that you cared so much about us! We’re grateful for your friendship! Berner hugs from Tallulah Belle and Maisy! x

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