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First Post…What to Post?

It’s starting to get dark and chilly in the mornings. I am awakened during the week at approximately 5:30-5:45 a..m. by the big Berner girl, Tallulah. She comes up the few stairs to the master bedroom and does one of two things. She’ll either have a high pitch squeak to wake me up, or put her head right on my bed, and squeak until I hear her.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully to use a flashlight. It scares the little Berner, Maisy, too much! Tallulah seems to appreciate the fact that we have a little light!

(click on the pictures if you wish to make them bigger)

Yes, I’ve tripped and walked like a zombie. Have to work something out while I desensitize Maisy to the flashlight!

Our very special fur friend, Rumpy, already caught a look at our blog before we even realized it was public. He has a blog of his own.  Other friends also have blogs, like Bassa the Dog,  and Jake‘s Mom. Oh Dog. I can hardly keep up with these pro bloggers.

I just hate when people copy, so my blog will have to be very different from what I’ve already read from my dog blogging friends. If I ever get any fans, I’m going to ask what they suggest.  Having two dogs, I sure have a lot of “stuff” (toys, bed, etc.) that I could review for other dog owners. I would also like to post charity events and fundraisers on my blogs.  So, those are my thoughts right now.

Have fun with your family–fur and otherwise.

x Woof


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