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Thanks! and Repawters on the Red Carpet!

This is a follow up post to: The Anipal Academy Awards 2011 

After our post, the Berner girls were asked by Autumn the Doxie to be “extra” paws to help out by being Repawters on the Red Carpet.

After all of the hard work that the amazing volunteers had previously done…all we wish to accomplish with this post is to report on how much money was raised for Kari’s Fund, and to point you in the direction of the real heroes:  those who have done so much work throughout the year, both in the time leading up to the event, and and after the event, and made the event a huge success!

That’s me, Maisy, on the left, and Tallulah Belle, on the right, with a little more revealing neckline. Tallulah is now six years old, and I’m just going to be turning three!  Age appropriate attire kindly designed by DanaPixie!

This is our first time–ever–in a fancy outfit, from Dana’s Fashion Label, The Pixie. 

Wow. You should have heard the compliments we got from our family. We’re Bernese Mountain Dogs, and we usually don’t wear any clothes, except for an occasional “necklace.”

The photo also includes the press pass that Autumn The Doxie made for us for being repawters on the Red Carpet.

OK, enough about us. We’d like to acknowledge again:

AutumntheDoxie & TheNaskarKitty, creators of the AAA, and the AAA Committee, for all their hard work,

Please read the Anipal Academy Awards Blogspot where all the people involved are credited!

The event was sponsored by Blog Paws and the Official Charity was for Kari, (Kari’s Fund) a female Golden Retriever, who was a pioneer in the development of a new cancer chemotherapy protocol at The Colorado State University’s team of oncologists. Kari’s treatment has since helped many more dogs with the same disease.

Kari’s owner recognized the success of the Animal Cancer Center and  pledged matching dollars up to $4 million to establish Kari’s Fund, an endowment that will secure the future of the Center by supporting the annual operational costs.

The Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center (ACC) is the preeminent cancer center for animals offering the latest in diagnostics and treatment for all kinds of cancer in companion animals including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The Animal Cancer Center’s Link is: 

Monies raised: $1,982, including the donations from the sponsor, Blog Paws, and @PetsAddLife.

Also, Readers should please check out the well written and reported blog post in The Anipal Times, linked below: Three Days of Anipal Academy Awards by Pepismartdog.

Disclosure: We have nothing to disclose. All of the links are provided for your convenience only!

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