Moxie & the Berner Girls

Hello, we’re two Berners blogging about ourselves and advocating for our fur friends! x

I’m on twitter:


  1. There are lots of comrades who have bloggies in the #wlf – and some have even written books!!! Like @PurringSmokey & @PepiSmartDog for instance (he also escorts anipals OTRB). You could have links to some of their articles/blogs – I am sure they would be delighted!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and have given it a Liebster Award. I hope more people find their way to your blog! Here’s the link to my post announcing the award.

    • Oh, wow. We are so honored you would think of us for the Liebster Award. We really are so stunned. Thank you. We will visit the link. Truly thank you. xx The Berner Girls

  3. I have Newfs I love big dogs and would love to learn more about Berners so I will visit and read your blog to learn about these terrific dogs 🙂

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