Comrades in the Whiskas Liberation Front, #WLF

We’re very proud and would like to let all of our fur friends know that we are now comrades in the #WLF, the Whiskas Liberation Front.

The berets, with the #WLF on the front of them, were made for us by The Mad Hatter. Who is he? He makes hats in the hat shop, of course. He is the one we would like to thank for our designer berets.

Poor Mad Hatter. He had originally made these beautiful blue berets.

However, there are some thick 2 legged people who assume that since we’re big dogs, we must be males. What? Yes, even when we wear hot pink collars, and other feminine accessories (although we don’t wear clothes) we have been told that we’re such good looking boys. Like we wrote…thick! We don’t have any problem with our fur friends knowing that we’re female!

So, The Mad Hatter made us two new berets. We’d like to model them for you in our new Twitter avatar. We’d turn around for you to see the back of the beret, but we’re not sure how to accomplish that feat on a blog.

We would also like to say, “Bravo,” to our comrade, The #WLF Statesman, Mr. Tibbs, for helping us, and our mum, to make all the necessary arrangements; and he made sure that we read everything we needed/were supposed to about the #WLF.

Our good friend, Rumpy the Dog, has written an excellent post about everything that you need to know about the Whiskas Liberation Front. Here is a link to that post on his blog:  

The #WLF–Exposed:  

Another very terrific and very important blog is by Eldid The Elephant. He is the Wiskas Liberation Front’s Mascot! Plus, he helps everyone to remember things. We’re dogs, so we can’t verify if what we heard is true or not…that Cats are notorious for forgetting things? Really?! .

Thank you all. We are Truly humbled that we now have our berets and are part of #WLF! Love and Berner Hugs,

Tallulah (the older and bigger of the Bernese Mountain Dog girls)

Maisy (the smaller, but just as lovely, Berner girl)

You can find us on Twitter and FB.

Additional Note#WLF Statesman, Mr. Tibbs, has let us know that there are other #WLF comrades who have blogs, etc. I will start a list with links here. If anyone else would like to be added, please let us know.  

Smokey the Purring Cat:

has also written a book! 

Smart Dog Blog

He also escorts anipals Over the Rainbow Bridge.  

Disclosure: The berets we made for us, but nobody makes any money from this!

Moxie Dogs™ 2011. Content copyright. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner, Moxie, is strictly prohibited.


About Moxie Dogs

Two Bernese Mountain Dogs loved by Moxie and her family. We blog about ourselves, and advocate for fur friends.

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  1. Congratulations! And thanks for the mention! June Buggie says he understands the gender issue. People think he’s a girl!

  2. Talluah and Maisy, you both look fabulous in your new berets, although Cubbie and I are partial to PINK to help people know that she’s a girl! Is it against the #wlf bylaws to sew on some pink sequins? Sequins are a hot trend right now… 😉

    • We don’t see that listed in the #wlf bylaws. We’ll have to get Mom to double-check cause we just love your idea. You’re both so sweet for visiting and leaving us comments! Mwah to Ann and Cubbie! x Berner Girls

  3. Trying again.

    Hi Tallulah and Maisy! You both look fabulous in your new berets! Cubbie and I think you might want to go a little girly and put some pink sparkles and sequins on them. A girl can never have enough sparkle!! 😉

    • BOL! x You know, our Mom and one of our siblings, just love sequins. You’re right, you just can’t get enough sparkle, so we’re going to mention your excellent idea to her. Maybe she can figure out how to add the bling without having to both the Mad Hatter again?! Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving a comment! x Berner Girls

  4. Hi Tallulah and Maisy! You both look fabulous in your new berets! Cubbie and I think you might want to go a little girly and put some pink sparkles and sequins on them. A girl can never have enough sparkle!! 😉

    • Woof! Hello to our friends, Ann and Cubbie. We think that’s a terrific idea to add sparkles and sequins. We’ll tell Mom to look into this. She had no idea how to design a beret, so adding bling to it might be a challenge, as well. Our favorite colors are purple and pink, so it’s funny you should mention about adding pink to the beret. You’re smart! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! xx Berner Girls

  5. I do like the new berets and they look great in your Twitter avatar! Love you Berner Girls xx

    • Oh, Bassa. You are one of our very best friends. We are so happy that you have visited and left a comment for us. Thank for you the compliment on our berets! x Berner girls

  6. Super bloggy my pals. Well done indeed! Hugs

    • Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving us such a kind comment. We’re very grateful to you for answering all of mum’s questions when she noticed your beret and the #wlf in your tweets. Berner hugs! x Tallulah and Maisy

  7. The thing that struck me is how you say that people call your “big dogs” males. I have a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix who is over 80 lb and people call him she all the time. I totally don’t get that!!

    You have such cute dogs. I love the pic you have for your banner, and the setting is also so nice.

    • Oh, dog, you cannot be serious?! Well, I certainly don’t understand that one, either! Thank you regarding the banner! I haven’t had a chance to write a post about it yet, but…that pic was taken in our backyard, when we had the bizarre snowstorm right before Halloween. We lost our electricity for almost 4 full days.

      Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving us a comment! xx

  8. hi, that’s a nice post. i hope you will continue to do this 🙂

  9. Ah, well there is one plus size Lola GIRL who totally understands the “he” comments although if said person is carrying food, rude comments will be ignored.

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