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MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have an important announcement!

June Buggie here with something to say!

Rumpy received an email from Olivia Melikhov of the ASPCA asking me to get the word out about the following:

The ASPCA will be hosting a large-scale adoption event in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 11 & 12 to help find loving homes for the hundreds of cats rescued from Caboodle Ranch in February. It’s been nearly five months since the cats were rescued, and they can now legally adopt out the animals to responsible, forever homes.

There are hundreds of cats to choose from. Some of these cats have special needs, including barn cats and those that are FIV+ or have feline leukemia.

So if you live nearby, come to the ASPCA Temporary Shelter at 2580 West 1st Street in Jacksonville, FL 32254 Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM.  Bring a government-issued photo ID…

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Fun, but Not Allowed!

How embarrassing! Our typist, (that would be our Mom Moxie), got us behind on our blog reporting. We’d like to show some pictures from November and explain why we love leaves, but they don’t like us!

First, we have a lot of trees in our backyard. That means that typist Mom has to get out the leaf blower and clear them out every year.

Once she has a big enough pile, we play in it. See how much fun Tallulah and I are having.

This is a pretty deep pile, so you can see that I’m wading over to get a closer look at Tallulah about to do a roll.

Although I think she’s sometimes jealous that Mom also pays attention to me, too, Tallulah actually loves me.

OK, so what is the problem with us having so much fun in the leaves? There was apparently too much pollen, or something, in the leaves that was bothering our eyes. Both of us had to be taken to the vet to get eye drops. We had conjunctivitis. Tallulah quickly recovered, but I had to see a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. To make a long story short…three different drops had to be put in my eyes, three times a day, for several weeks…and then finally my eyes weren’t red anymore.

What an outrage. Both Vets told our Mom that she had to blow away all the leaves; no more playing in the leaves for us!

“You cannot be serious?!” we pleaded with Mom. So, she kept busy getting rid of all the leaves, and until she could get to certain areas, (that we’re not supposed to be in anyway) she had her green wire fences. However, it seems we found a way to get in…we had fun…until Mom spotted us and had us get out. Bummer.

What fun thing did you enjoy doing that your person(s)/Vet made you stop doing?

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Dogs Trust and Ho No No Campaign


We Bernese Mountain Dogs saw this tweet from Dogs Trust:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please send a FREE card today to @HarrodsofLondon:  #HoNoNo  #ADogIsForLife

We clicked on the link and read this:

Dogs Trust is launching their “Ho, No, No” campaign, to target Harrods and other pet shops across the UK to encourage them to stop selling puppies at Christmas time. Please send a card to remind them and local pet shops that

‘A dog is for life, not just Christmas.” 

Here’s some information about the Dogs Trust campaign: 

You can send a FREE card to Harrods, and you will be able to choose a message once you have chosen your card. Dogs Trust is funding the sending of the FREE cards to Harrods. There is an option to pay for the card at 95p plus delivery and by doing this you will help us spread the message further as more cards will be able to be sent. If you wish to send a card to your local pet shop you will be charged and you will need to know the address.

For those who don’t know, Harrods of London (in the UK) advertises itself as, “the world’s most famous luxury department store.” Harrods, you should be ashamed of yourself! It’s not going to be luxurious for a dog to be brought into a home where the owners may have made a “spur-of-the-moment” decision to bring a cute puppy home; only to realize that it’s a huge responsibility and they now have regrets.  Animals deserve the very best of care and love and, as Dogs Trust is trying to remind Harrods, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.’ 

Ways to connect with Dogs Trust:

Website  Twitter   YouTube 

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Registered Charity Numbers: 227523 & SC037843. All their work is funded by public generosity. Dogs Trust is the Largest Dog Welfare Charity in the UK. About Dogs Trust:

The following are all great links from Dogs Trust that I encourage you to check out if you know of someone thinking of getting a dog this Christmas. The information that Dogs Trust has gathered will help people to make responsible decisions so they are prepared to give a puppy a forever home.  

Dermot O’Leary’s Don’t Buy Puppies From the Internet 

Give a home to thousands of stray and abandoned dogs

Buying a Dog From a Reputable Breeder

Puppy Care Tips and Advice

You and Your Puppy iPhone/iPad App

Responsible Dog Ownership

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. All links are for your convenience only!

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Help a Cold Dog This Winter!

The following story was written by Scrappy the dog (well, by Keegan Baur, writing as Scrappy the dog).

A winter wonderland? Snow covers the ground, and freezing wind whips the trees. Many humans are cozily snuggled inside their homes, basking in the warm glow of Christmas tree lights

dog scrappy

while the scent of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air and holiday music plays in the background.

But I don’t get to revel in any of these luxuries. Instead, I am tethered to a chain in the backyard. In perpetual solitary confinement, as minutes drag into days and weeks, I try to ignore the bitter cold. I huddle in my little doghouse, venturing out only when I need to relieve myself or quench my thirst by licking the mostly frozen block of water in my bowl. Some days they don’t feed me—I think this month, they’re cutting back on buying my food in order to save money to get a few gifts for the kids. But on the days that one of them does feed me, I can barely contain my excitement. I pull frantically at my heavy tether and jump up at my guardian’s legs. While she scolds and pushes me down, I usually knock over the meager contents of my dish, most of which mix in with the icy grass and snow. This will cost me later, but for a few minutes, I have her attention as she pats my head and scratches my ear, and during those fleeting moments, I feel a glimmer of joy.

But then she leaves, just as quickly as she came, and once again I’m all alone. I’m not complaining, though—this year I have my very own doghouse from PETA! Last year, I had only a chain and no protection at all from the elements. Some days were so cold that I couldn’t feel my own paws, and some nights were so unbearably freezing that it was difficult to breathe. I even got sick, but they weren’t able to take me to the veterinarian. I’m not really sure how I made it through that winter. But this year, it’s different. I have four walls and a roof over my head, where I can hide if I get scared. I have a little bed of straw that I can curl up in without shivering in wet, melted snow. Things may not be perfect, but I try to stay positive. I know there are other dogs out there who aren’t as lucky as I am—who don’t have a doghouse to keep them warm and safe. Those are the dogs I feel sorry for.

This winter, please do whatever you can to help cold, neglected dogs:

If you know of a “backyard dog,” try to convince the owners to let him or her indoors. Offer to take the pooch for walks, and bring treats and toys to him or her. Make sure that there is proper shelter and fresh water, and call the authorities if there isn’t.

Find out how to work with city or county legislators to ban chaining.

And if you have the resources, please consider being an “angel” for animals and sponsoring a doghouse so that one lucky pup will have a safe haven to call his or her own. Thanks to donations from compassionate people like you, PETA is able to deliver houses—along with toys, treats, and insulating straw bedding—to thousands of dogs in need.

Connect with PETA:

Like PETA on Facebook

Follow @PETA on Twitter

Subscribe to PETA’s YouTube Channel

Grateful to PETA for permission to repost this Moxie Dogs™.

Link to the article:  

Thanks! and Repawters on the Red Carpet!

This is a follow up post to: The Anipal Academy Awards 2011 

After our post, the Berner girls were asked by Autumn the Doxie to be “extra” paws to help out by being Repawters on the Red Carpet.

After all of the hard work that the amazing volunteers had previously done…all we wish to accomplish with this post is to report on how much money was raised for Kari’s Fund, and to point you in the direction of the real heroes:  those who have done so much work throughout the year, both in the time leading up to the event, and and after the event, and made the event a huge success!

That’s me, Maisy, on the left, and Tallulah Belle, on the right, with a little more revealing neckline. Tallulah is now six years old, and I’m just going to be turning three!  Age appropriate attire kindly designed by DanaPixie!

This is our first time–ever–in a fancy outfit, from Dana’s Fashion Label, The Pixie. 

Wow. You should have heard the compliments we got from our family. We’re Bernese Mountain Dogs, and we usually don’t wear any clothes, except for an occasional “necklace.”

The photo also includes the press pass that Autumn The Doxie made for us for being repawters on the Red Carpet.

OK, enough about us. We’d like to acknowledge again:

AutumntheDoxie & TheNaskarKitty, creators of the AAA, and the AAA Committee, for all their hard work,

Please read the Anipal Academy Awards Blogspot where all the people involved are credited!

The event was sponsored by Blog Paws and the Official Charity was for Kari, (Kari’s Fund) a female Golden Retriever, who was a pioneer in the development of a new cancer chemotherapy protocol at The Colorado State University’s team of oncologists. Kari’s treatment has since helped many more dogs with the same disease.

Kari’s owner recognized the success of the Animal Cancer Center and  pledged matching dollars up to $4 million to establish Kari’s Fund, an endowment that will secure the future of the Center by supporting the annual operational costs.

The Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center (ACC) is the preeminent cancer center for animals offering the latest in diagnostics and treatment for all kinds of cancer in companion animals including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The Animal Cancer Center’s Link is: 

Monies raised: $1,982, including the donations from the sponsor, Blog Paws, and @PetsAddLife.

Also, Readers should please check out the well written and reported blog post in The Anipal Times, linked below: Three Days of Anipal Academy Awards by Pepismartdog.

Disclosure: We have nothing to disclose. All of the links are provided for your convenience only!

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Freekibble and Mimi & Maty to the Rescue!

Hi, fur friends! We wanted to let you know that there is a new children’s book called, Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! This special book is inspired by the founder of Freekibble, Mimi, and her three-legged dog friend, named, Maty. The title, “to the Rescue!” refers to the fact that they work together to rescue any animal who needs help!

Some very important things to know:

1. For every Mimi and Maty to the Rescue book sold, they will donate five Halo
Pets meals to shelter dogs and cats at a Best Friends Network Shelter.

2. For the first 100 copies of Mimi and Maty to the Rescue sold, the Freekibble Foundation will donate one hundred books to schools to inspire young readers to help animals, like Mimi!

Here is a link to the book: Mimi and Maty to the Rescue, which was written by Mimi’s Mom, Brooke Smith! (I do not profit from any links in this post!)

What exactly is this non-profit organization called, Freekibble?

No joke, back on April 1, 2008, an eleven year old girl, named Mimi Ausland, started a website called,, because she wanted to help feed the hungry dogs and cats at her local animal shelter in Oregon.

“There are 10’s of thousands of dogs and cats in animal shelters across the country, all needing to be fed a good meal.”

Mimi Ausland, Founder, Freekibble

Photo by J.Nichole Smith,’s primary mission is

“to provide healthy, nutritious food to the dogs and cats at shelters who are working so hard to see that none of their animals go hungry – they need our help.”

From Mimi’s small start in 2008, to the current, 2011, not only does Freekibble provide free kibble to shelter dogs and cats to Mimi’s local shelter, but it also provides daily food to feed thousands of pets in shelters, rescues and food-banks all across the United States! joined forces with Halo, Purely for Pets, to feed all these sweet hungry dogs and cats a high quality, all natural kibble. Halo is the official sponsor of Freekibble.

Halo, Purely for Pets Website  Twitter

Every day a new trivia question is posted at and whether or not you respond correctly, free kibble is donated. In fact, after the question, the correct answer is given, and a message is given as to how many pieces of kibble are being donated.

As of this post, because of Mimi, “Helping People, Help Animals,” Freekibble has raised over 458 tons of dog and cat kibble! Here’s a link to the Kibble totals. 

Here’s how it works. Let’s play the Bow Wow Trivia that was for November 29, 2011:

Question: Big News! Today, we’re very excited to be releasing…

A. Freekibble’s 2012 calendar

B. A Christmas CD, Frolic with Freekibble

C. A book inspired by Freekibble’s founder, Mimi

D. 1,000 Freekibble balloons

The correct response is, of course, C.

“Yes! The book Mimi & Maty to the Rescue… is now on! AND we’re giving 5 meals to shelter pets for each sold!

There is even a great way to remember to play the daily trivia: an email reminder! You only have to provide your email, and it won’t be sold:

There are lots of ways to connect with Freekibble:

Join on Facebook and become a Fan!

Follow on Twitter and they’ll donate another meal!

Send an e-card, which is not only fun, it’s free! 

I plan to honor Mimi for her wonderful dedication and brilliant idea she had for Freekibble by continuing to connect with Freekibble, and by purchasing a copy of Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! 

This photo is courtesy of Freekibble

Here is Freekibble’s Facebook entry on November 29, 2011:

Disclosure: We have nothing to disclose. All of the links are provided for your convenience only!

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October 2011 Snowstorm!

We’ve been busy Berner girls. We’ll give you a short summary of a few crazy things that happened at the end of October and into the beginning of November.

There was this crazy snowstorm that knocked out our family’s electricity for four (4) count ’em, four days, on Saturday night, October 29. We live just outside the Boston, MA area, so it’s not like we’re in” Timbuktu.”  The reason given for the power outage–and we quote from the automated message that our electric company left: “Weather related.” Brilliant, isn’t that?   Did they think we would not have known that it was due to the weather? Just in case –what? We were forced to relocate to another planet due to the storm?

It seems that because there were so many leaves still on the trees–it was still fall when the snowstorm hit, it knocked down lot of trees–and the electrical wires, too. Plus, apparently mom  said a few 4 letter words in front of us when we saw this sight on our walk the following morning! Why, yes, that is our fence around our backyard!

So, how did we manage? Well, as you can see, we’re very furry dogs. We’re Bernese Mountain Dogs, after all! We love the cold weather. However, for the other members of our family that don’t have any fur, the house quickly got very cold. Plus, since the house is not hooked up to local utilities–that means when there is no power–there is no water that can be pumped from the well–and no flushing of toilets–which is a big problem for the 2 legged members of the family.

Generator was powered up–konked out, got working again, etc. We all hated the very loud noise of that thing going, but….it was nice to have fresh water for our water bowls.  🙂

What about Halloween?

We apparently were going to get our picture taken with the two-legged siblings. They had Halloween costumes, and we were going to wear these necklaces. But, their Halloween was cancelled! Too many down live wires.

Good news? At least they had fun with us on their surprise day off from school–too many down live wires and no electricity at the school!

Not enough snow for our taste, literally, and after two days, it was basically all melted.

We’re still catching up with our friends on FB and Twitter. You know, our mom has the oldest cell phone on the planet? She doesn’t even get text messages. You can imagine that with limited internet access for four days, things would get a bit backed up. We need to do more posts on our blog.

This may look pretty, but it’s actually a huge, beautiful branch that broke off during the storm!

Things we’re grateful for:

We were all together!

It was four days without electricity for us Berner girls, but we’re grateful because it could have been even longer!

More Than 1 Million Remain Without Power After U.S. Snowstorm

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) — More than 1 million people remain without power across the U.S. Northeast five days after an early snowstorm.

We waited outside in hopes of barking the arrival of the electric company. No luck on the day the picture below was taken, but…grateful that mum captured this beautiful shot of us that she used for the header of our blog!

Thank you to all the fur friends who Tweeted, left us Facebook messages, sent emails, etc. to check on us. We really appreciated that you cared so much about us! We’re grateful for your friendship! Berner hugs from Tallulah Belle and Maisy! x

Moxie Dogs™ 2011. Content copyright. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner, Moxie, is strictly prohibited.

Comrades in the Whiskas Liberation Front, #WLF

We’re very proud and would like to let all of our fur friends know that we are now comrades in the #WLF, the Whiskas Liberation Front.

The berets, with the #WLF on the front of them, were made for us by The Mad Hatter. Who is he? He makes hats in the hat shop, of course. He is the one we would like to thank for our designer berets.

Poor Mad Hatter. He had originally made these beautiful blue berets.

However, there are some thick 2 legged people who assume that since we’re big dogs, we must be males. What? Yes, even when we wear hot pink collars, and other feminine accessories (although we don’t wear clothes) we have been told that we’re such good looking boys. Like we wrote…thick! We don’t have any problem with our fur friends knowing that we’re female!

So, The Mad Hatter made us two new berets. We’d like to model them for you in our new Twitter avatar. We’d turn around for you to see the back of the beret, but we’re not sure how to accomplish that feat on a blog.

We would also like to say, “Bravo,” to our comrade, The #WLF Statesman, Mr. Tibbs, for helping us, and our mum, to make all the necessary arrangements; and he made sure that we read everything we needed/were supposed to about the #WLF.

Our good friend, Rumpy the Dog, has written an excellent post about everything that you need to know about the Whiskas Liberation Front. Here is a link to that post on his blog:  

The #WLF–Exposed:  

Another very terrific and very important blog is by Eldid The Elephant. He is the Wiskas Liberation Front’s Mascot! Plus, he helps everyone to remember things. We’re dogs, so we can’t verify if what we heard is true or not…that Cats are notorious for forgetting things? Really?! .

Thank you all. We are Truly humbled that we now have our berets and are part of #WLF! Love and Berner Hugs,

Tallulah (the older and bigger of the Bernese Mountain Dog girls)

Maisy (the smaller, but just as lovely, Berner girl)

You can find us on Twitter and FB.

Additional Note#WLF Statesman, Mr. Tibbs, has let us know that there are other #WLF comrades who have blogs, etc. I will start a list with links here. If anyone else would like to be added, please let us know.  

Smokey the Purring Cat:

has also written a book! 

Smart Dog Blog

He also escorts anipals Over the Rainbow Bridge.  

Disclosure: The berets we made for us, but nobody makes any money from this!

Moxie Dogs™ 2011. Content copyright. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner, Moxie, is strictly prohibited.

Anipal Academy Awards 2011!

November 11th is the opening night to an important weekend event that should not be missed, the:

Anipal Academy Awards 2011

Hosted By: @AnipalAwards

Friday, November 11 at 6:00pm through Sunday, November 13 at 4:00pm

Anipal Academy Awards is an annual event that does many wonderful things. It is a great way to show support for the many wonderful volunteer anipals, humans, rescue groups and other not-for-profit organizations! The 2011 official charity is: Colorado State University, Advancing Cancer Research.
I hope you will please consider making a donation.

Very touching is the story of Kari, a female Golden Retriever, who you you should know was a very brave dog and ultimately, a pioneer in the development of a new cancer chemotherapy protocol. Read her story at the blog link, and see her beautiful picture. Kari’s owner has pledged matching dollars, up to $4 million, to establish Kari’s Fund, an endowment that will secure the future of the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University.

During the event, which will take place on Twitter, there will many exciting things to look forward to, including a video and photo contest, and a Rainbow
Bridge program.

The way that this will be run is that first there will be “Red Carpet Arrivals” beginning at 6 PM. EST.

Then, from 7:00-9:00 PM EST, there will be presentations to over 150 volunteers!

The Anipal Academy Awards presenters are: @Niqqi, @MizzBassie, @MissBusyBiz, and @PuppyaGuineaPig.

After the event there will be a special toast to all of the hard work that these volunteers do.
Here are some important links and tips:

Connect to the Anipal Academy Awards on Twitter by following them at @AnipalAwards

Follow using #AAAC and pawty using #nipclub during the online event to raise funds
Follow the ceremonies using #AAAC and Pawty using #NIPCLUB. All weekend participants will see event staff asking for donations or “tips” which go directly to the charity.

Please check the terrific blog: The Anipals Academy Awards Blogspot ,
where, after Kari’s story, a full weekend schedule is posted, with all the hashtags that you should use to participate.

Check out the descriptions of the kind volunteer Committee Members who put this all together! (Wonderful photos of them, too!)

@JavaTheCat is the Anipal Swag designer. Check out the great items that can be personalized: Java’sZazzleStore

Please RSVP for this online event

I hope you’ll be able to attend the online event. However, if you’re unable to, please do remember to consider a donation to the official charity:
Colorado State University, Advancing Cancer Research.

Hope you’ll join us at the Anipals Academy Awards! The Bernese Mountain Dogs girls will be on Twitter at

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. All of the links are for your convenience only.

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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Oh, Dog. We’re hoping that our mom knows what she’s doing. She has never participated in a Blogger Hop before.  Our friend, Rumpy Dog sent us a tweet about this. Thank you, Rumpy; you’re such a good friend! x 

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